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American Horror Story: Is Violet Dead Already?

Is the darkness surrounding Violet 
death and not depression? ©FX
Updated 12/3: update at the bottom of the post.

The internet is buzzing with the theroy that Violet Harmon from American Horror Story is already dead and she just doesn't know it. I have to say, that I've seen quite a few Sixth Sense type stuff going on this season, so I don't think that the theory is out of the realm of possibility. Let's take a look at some of the arguments:
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She has been reported missing from school for the past two weeks. This could be the timeline of when she took the pills.

She now has the same ability as Tate does to tell the ghosts o go away. It doesn't seem like the living are able to do that... right Patrick?

Did Constance know that Violet would go soon, so she introduced her to the medium before she did.

Can we really believe that Tate saved her after she took the pills or did he just want her to believe that she was still alive? Or does he think he saved her and he doesn't know that she is dead as well?

When they were taking Vivien to the looney bin, no one paid attention to Violet but Vivien and Ben. Did no one else see her?

She is much more aggressive with her parents than she was before popping the pills.

She tells her father that the darkness is surrounding her. Is it just depression?

Evan Peter's(Tate) teases on EW article:

"There are [still] a lot of secrets between them and all of them come out in the upcoming episode. There’s a pretty big secret that Tate has been keeping from Violet.” Wait, bigger than “I’m a ghost”? “Yeah, bigger than that,” he claims, with a laugh.

Ryan gives some answers and more questions to EW:

Many readers seem to think that Violet might be dead. What’s your response? Can you confirm? Deny?
My response to that is we are aware, I’m aware of that. But I was aware with the whole arc that was something people were going to think so we answer and put that to bed next week. Next week’s episode, called “Smoldering Children,” answers that question. It’s interesting. But I kinda knew that would happen. I really appreciate and love people’s attention. So many times people are right and I don’t wanna say.


Can you preview next week’s episode?
Well, next week’s episode is about a lot of things. One is does tackle is the Violet thing. Is she or isn’t she? Or what? And there is a very big what; there could be a different scenario.
I'll add more to this theroy as I go... what say you????

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