Saturday, November 26, 2011

American Horror Story: Dr. Charles Montgomery Profile

Dr. Charles Montgomery is played by Matt Ross.

Profession: Doctor, a poor one. So he makes his money giving illegal abortions in his basement.

Matt Ross as Dr. Charles Montgomery. ©FX
Dr. Charles Montgomery Facts:
  • Charles is killed by his wife in the house and we see his ghost.
  • Charles brings his son back to life, though it probably is some kind of demon thing instead.
  • Charles built the house back in 1922 for his wife.
  • Charles had an addiction to ether.

Strong Relationships:
  • Married to Nora Montgomery.
  • Father of Thaddeus Montgomery.

Character Connections:
  • Charles loved his wife and wanted her approval, but he could live up to her expectations.
  • Charles kills one of his patients to bring his son back.
  • Carved up the Black Dahlia to get rid of her body.
  • Carved up Travis the same way.

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