Wednesday, November 23, 2011

American Horror Story: Ben Harmon Profile

Ben Harmon is a main character played by Dylan McDermot.
Dylan McDermot as Ben Harmon. ©FX 

Ben starts out as a father and husband that is struggling to keep his family together, he purchases the house and moves his family from Boston Mass. to LA.

Profession: A therapist who has an office in the house and sees his patients there - both the living ones and the dead ones.

Ben Harmon Facts:
  • Ben cheated on his pregnant wife with a co-ed named Hayden.  When his wife caught them having sex in the couple's home, in fact in their bed, she had a miscarriage.
  • Ben moved his entire family to LA to create a new start.
  •  Bean may have never ended his affair with Hayden, we aren't sure. He may have broken it off and then re-started it. But he did get her pregnant. Ben takes Hayden to her abortion clinic appointment and then leaves her there.
  • Ben sees Moira as a sexy young maid.
  • Ben's patients have a habit of dying, although he doesn't really kill them, they do die because of his actions or inaction.

Strong Relationships:

Character Connections:
  • Larry kills Hayden for Ben and expects $1000.  Larry keeps warning Ben of things and Ben has had enough of him.
  • Moira keeps trying to tempt Ben to the point where he tries to get Vivien to let her go.

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