Wednesday, November 23, 2011

American Horror Story's Hayden Wants Vivian's Babies

I knew when Ben and Hayden were sitting in the clinic that there was no way in Hell she was going to let go of that baby. She knew what a hold it was on Ben for her to be pregnant. When the ghost of Hayden found out that Vivien was pregnant, I thought she was going to haul off and kill Vivien as  she came to the realization of why Ben was allowing her to abort - 'he already had a baby'.

Now Hayden is strangely okay with the pregnancy, because she knows it isn't Ben's babies or because she thinks she can posses them? I think it might be a little bit of both. She is a little too happy that the father of Vivien's twins has come back for a second helping of momma. But that just adds to the horror of it, doesn't it? It isn't bad enough that she has to deal with a sob ghost trying to take his fill, but she has the lil'b mistress egging him on. You would think that two women who were screwed over by the same guy would be able to help each other out... but that's the rub when you have a cheating husband. The jealousy runs deep in the woman who was competing for his affection - whether the wife knew she was in the competition or not. Hayden HATES Vivien. She is the embodiment of all of the reasons why Ben didn't take care of her, why she is now dead under the gazebo. And on a side note, you think Viv is going to look under that gazebo before the end of the season? That would be cool. And why isn't Moira pushing for that? Or can she only influence guys with that mouth?

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