Thursday, November 17, 2011

American Horror Story: Sally Profile

Sally is played by Adina Porter.

Adina Porter as Sally. ©FX
Profession: Sally is an accountant.

Facts about Sally:
  • Sally is boring, to the point where her husband can't stand her anymore and wants out of the marriage.
  • Sally doesn't want to lose her husband so she is trying to figure out how to connect with him. She does things like memorize NFL team stats because he likes football.
  • Sally gets upset with Dr. Harmon because he spaces out(gets drugged by Moira) during their session and she thinks he is ignoring her. 
  • Sally goes to a hotel and takes an overdose of pills and goes into a coma.
  • A detective questions Ben when Sally goes missing, but then they find her at the hotel along with Ben's recorder.

Sally is used for foreshadowing:
Ben ignores Violet much the same way he does Sally. His mistress, Vivien's pregnancy, patients take up his time and he is unable to see that his daughter Violet needs him. She then takes an overdose of drugs and dies in the Murder House.

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