Wednesday, November 9, 2011

American Horror Story 1X6 : Season 1 Episode 6 "Piggy, Piggy" Recap

We get to witness the horrible systematic murdering of the Westfield High students by Tate Langdon in 1994. It is written very much like the Columbine shootings. Inside Murder House, Tate sits on his bed, the armed swat team enters the house and Constance is the one doing the begging. Tate makes a handgun with his fingers and puts it his head before pulling the imagined trigger. He wants the cops to shoot him, but we don't find out if they do - yet. As Violet searches the Web for info on Westfield High Massacre, You can tell she is torn as to whether she believes the students she talked to last week or not. How could they have been dead and Tate their killer. She doesn't want to believe, but she doesn't stop trying to know. After reading all about the killings and the fact that the boy she is crushing on is dead, she goes looking for her mom, who isn't home. Instead she finds Constance in the kitchen. She gives her version of what happened to Violet, who isn't sure if she is in a Twilight Zone show or not. Constance introduces Violet to a medium, Billie Dean, who does her best to convince Violet of all of the craziness that is going on is not really all that crazy. Billie Dean to Violet: "But I was chosen. And when you’re chosen, you either get with the program, or you go crazy." Billie Dean and Constance tell Violet that they want Tate to figure out that he is dead and to cross over. That is why Constance has Tate seeing Ben, professionally. Billie Dean brings up Mary to Violet to try and convince her that she isn't making all of this up. Flashback and we see Violet's grandmother, Mary, dying. I think Violet is convinced.

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