Thursday, October 6, 2011

Americvan Horror Story: 1X1 Pilot Recap and Review

Season 1 Episode 1 of American Horror Story starts off in 1978 with ginger twin boys Troy and Bryan who get a fair warning from Adelaide, "You're going to die in there." Do they listen? Hell no. They are the tough guys. The go and explore the house, ending in the basement, where, after finding some really gross stuff in jars, they met their demise in the form of Infintata.

Flashback to a very normal day in Vivien Harmon's life. Until she meets up with her hubby and his lover in their bedroom. But first, she thought someone had invaded her house... foreshadowing... so you had her walking around with a knife, loved the suspense right off the bat.

So we see Ben and Vivien Harmon move to LA with their teen daughter Violet. They are shown the house by Marcy the realtor and told about 'the boys' the previous owners who died in a murder suicide. This gets Violet excited and she says, "We'll take it!"

Tate assaults the mean girl, Leah, and she runs screaming form the basement. Infintata was there, but both Leah - and Violet? - gets away from him. Tate is confused because Violet is upset with what he did.

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