Thursday, October 27, 2011

American Horror Story: 1x4 Halloween (part 1) Recap and Review

The show begins in 2010 with Chad trying to do his best impression of Martha Stewart's Halloween Themed home - let's face he, it he doesn't need Martha to know how to give good spook in the house, later at least. Patrick walks in and announces he is going to the gym. Chad reminds him to wear a condom - and pick up some red apples for the bobbing station, the green ones aren't working. An argument ensues over the fact that Patrick is screwing his trainer - don't ask, don't tell? Really, it's not a wonder their marriage didn't make it.

The argument becomes about the part. Patrick wonders why Chad is bothering and Chad reminds him that in order to get someone to buy the house in which they have all of their investment money in, it has to be noticed. So he is doing his best to get it in a Homes-type magazine and hopefully someone will take it off their hands. Patrick wonders who they've become, they were in love, they were going to have a baby....

Cut to the dining room where Chad is setting up the apple bobbing station and is upset because the red apples don't work either... in walks the rubber-man. Chad thinks it's Patrick in the costume he told him to get and says it is really good in a scary/sexy sort of way. Chad then begins to apologize for everything, basically. He asks the rubber man if he got the apples and the rubber man throws him across the room - guess not. He then proceeds to begin to drown Chad, but then breaks his neck. It sounded like a solid break but.....

Cut to Marcy, Vivien and Ben in the kitchen. Viv is angry that there have been no people in to see the house and Marcy says the house has an image problem, Ben is not buying it but Vivien is. After all, it is on the Murder House Tour, she says. Marcy offers to get a 'fluffer' in to make the house look good, a young gay man she knows - Chad! Really, after this scene is there any more questions about Marcy and her 'is she alive or is she one of the house ghosts' status?

Next we have Travis and Addie reading a Halloween story. The story says that the dead can walk freely among the living on Halloween. Addie shares what she wants to dress up as by whispering it in Travis' ear. Constance catches the two being a little too close for her liking. After sending Travis off to get a carton of Pall Mall and some chocolate chips, she lets Addie know she won't allow her to flirt with her men. "I will kill for you and I will die for you, but I won't share the affections of the men I bring into this home." Addie tells Constance she wants to be a pretty girl for Halloween. Constance tells her she can be Snoopy again.

Larry knocks on the Murder House door and Ben answers. Larry wants $1000, Ben wants him to leave. He kicks his pumpkin and Larry does go, but with a warning that his patience won't last forever. He knows what is under the gazebo, it would destroy Ben's family and he is going to tell.

Ben has a session with Tate. He is worried because Tate did not show up at the appointment Ben made for him. Tate says he doesn't want any doctor but Ben. We see a glimpse of the sad and depressed Tate. Ben kinda gives in, even though he thinks Tate sneaked in the night he helped Violet with the intruders.

The maid carves a pumpkin and asks for Halloween off to visit with her mother. Weird request right? Like it's Mother's Day. You get the idea that it is the only time she will be able to see her mom. Vivien takes the pumpkin out and standing out there obsessing abut the roses is Chad and 'his ball and chain' Patrick. Vivien assumes they are the fluffers Marcy talked about.

Cut to the kitchen  where Everyone is getting Halloween ready and Bed is carving a pumpkin. Chad tells Vivien in front of Ben that he thinks the house will sell fast if they take down the gazebo. Ben cuts his hand and Patrick offers to fix it up. They go to the upstairs bath where Patrick also offers to give Ben some head. Ben refuses the offer - twice.

While Patrick and Ben are upstairs, Chad and Vivien have a talk about cheating spouses. Vivien wants to know how Chad caught Patrick cheating. He says it is easy, cell phone records as they can't be deleted. Anyone want to guess what Viv is going to be doing the minute she can?

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